How It Works

For Sellers


We provide a very easy system for Sellers to register with us and its absolutely Free.

Register as a seller with Wowwlook


To complete your registration you will need :

1. Phone Number

2. Company/Individual Registration Details

3. Primary Contact Person Information

4. Beneficial Owner Information


Once the account is approved you can:


1. Upload Products via the seller panel

2. You can then, Monitor sales/order

3. Update Status of your orders

4. Check transactions


Once you've registered to sell online, you can use our web-based tools or text files to upload your listings. The benefits you have is that you will be completely in charge of your listing and can manage any deals that you want. You have full control of your featured items and deals for various periods to increase sales. To increase your sales, take advantage of our prime listings option and extra features which are available on Wowwlook, this maximises your selling experience.

Keeping an Inventory is one of the hardest things faced by Sellers but with Wowwlook and its unique listings management this can be achieved with ease.

All tools will be available to maximise your product attractiveness and when a Customer has viewed your site and an order has been placed for one of your products, Wowwlook notifies you.


For Buyers 


To purchase click on the Add To Cart option of the item(s) that you want. The item(s) will then be added to your basket. You can either view your shopping cart or Pay Now. Items in My Shopping Cart are not reserved for you and are available for other people to buy so make sure you act fast if there’s something you really want. Items will not be reserved from stock until you have paid for them. If an item goes out of stock it will be shown as 'item is currently unavailable'.


Guide To Buying:


1. Use PayPal to ensure maximum security of your purchase(s).


2. Check Seller's details and product information.


3. Check the supplier's Delivery options and Returns policy.


4. Ensure your confirmation email of purchase has been received.

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30 days money back guarantee

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